Transforming Customer Experiences In Public Services (Mobile Banking, Agent Banking, And SSN Allowance Payment): What Have We Learned?

Transforming government agencies to serve people better requires cultivating a customer-centric vision and culture. A big challenge for agencies in scaling up the service operation by efficiently using time and resources is to have a clear understanding of what matters most to a widely diverse customer population. Certain approaches, such as identifying customers and their needs, collecting and analysing new and existing data, and measuring what matters and make it visible, can help in launching a customer experience transformation and tracking its progress.

Understanding customers’ needs and agencies’ capability is imperative to reset customer expectations to a realistic level and continue to improve what can be delivered by the service providers. Following up the discussion of the first policy brief, our focus in this second issue of the policy brief series is to present new insights on customer experiences from the Brac Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD) survey related to the three financial inclusive services: a) Mobile banking, b) Agent banking, and c) Social Safety Net (SSN) allowance payment.

Link: BIGD